Finding a local supplier for your heating oil needs

A truly local service 

Whilst natural gas is the most widely used form of heating fuel in the UK, not all homes are connected to a mains gas supply. If you are one of the many rural homes without a mains gas supply, you might instead have an oil-fired boiler that runs off Kerosene. As heating oil is not an “on tap” fuel supply like gas or electricity, there are many things to consider when choosing a heating oil supplier. 

Choosing a Reliable Heating Oil Supplier Near you

If you're looking for a supplier of heating oil near you,  WCF Chandlers has been delivering competitively priced home heating oil across Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, and East Anglia for over 80 years, so we understand what is important when it comes to choosing a trustworthy fuel supplier. 

More customers than ever trust us to deliver quality home heating oil directly to their tanks; that is why we are constantly investing in the latest technology, a modern fleet of trucks and our employees to ensure we continue to meet the highest services standards from start to finish.  

Local Fuel Depots 

We have several fuel depots strategically placed throughout Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire, by doing this we can deliver your heating oil in an efficient manner, which in turn helps to keep our prices for heating oil competitive by reducing our transportation costs.   

Customer Services 

WCF Chandlers understand that the key to building a good customer experience is having great relationships with our customers. We understand how important oil is to you, especially over the winter months when you need it the most, and that is why we champion trust, reliability, and communication. 

We promise to provide you with an efficient, professional, helpful, and friendly service every time you contact us, whether that is to place an order, get an update on your delivery status or simply ask for advice and help.

Transparent customer feedback  

We truly value our customers’ opinions and care about what they have to say. The feedback provided by our domestic, commercial, and agricultural customers not only helps shape the products and services we offer, it also helps us build a better future for meeting our customers’ expectations. Check here to read what our customers have to say about us 

Ordering your Home Heating Oil

We all lead busy lives and not all of our customers can phone us directly within business hours to place their heating oil order. To ensure the task of ordering your home heating oil can be done easily and at a time that suits you, our customer service team are working from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday – Friday,  and our live domestic heating oil price online ordering system is available 24/7 – 365 days.  

We guarantee outstanding service from start to finish. Whether you choose to buy directly from us over the phone or online via our website, we will never cut off communications or only provide email support! In fact, we are leading the way in communicating with our customers and provide multiple platforms that are monitored outside our normal trading hours.

Get an instant Heating Oil Quotation via our website or by calling our friendly team on 01476 576200