New to Home Heating Oil

If you have recently moved to a property which uses home heating oil or you are thinking about converting to an efficient oil-fired heating system, then you'll probably have a few questions when it comes to making your first order. 

Don’t worry, WCF Chandlers have been delivering heating oil since 1911, so we know a thing or two about it and, in this blog, we'll cover the top questions asked by customers new to heating oil.   

What is heating oil and which grade do I want? 

The vast majority of oil-fired boiler and cookers are fuelled by Kerosene. Kerosene is frequently referred to as Kero, 28 Second, Burning Oil, Standard Kero or Heating Oil. To make things a little more complicated, some boilers are fuelled by Gas Oil, also called Red Diesel or 35 Second. 

You can also upgrade to premium heating fuels that have an additive that is supplied at the point of delivery. We offer Keromax for boilers and Agamax for oil range cookers, both have been exclusively developed for WCF Chandlers to supply the best quality fuel to our customers. 


How is heating oil priced and is there a minimum order? 

Heating oil is charged at a pence per litre rate and it's often cheaper to purchase larger quantities. The minimum order volume is 500 litres and a VAT rate of 5% is applied for domestic usage up to 2300 litres.

Heating oil prices can be affected by several external factors and fluctuate regularly, often throughout the day. To read more about what affects pricing, click here


How do I find out how much heating oil my tank will hold?  

If your tank is plastic, the model number relates to the litres your tank will hold. For instance, a Titan R1225 tank holds 1225 litres. If your tank is metal, you can click here to calculate the tank capacity. 

Once you know how many litres your tank will safely hold, you'll need to check if you have any oil in your tank. If your tank has a sight tube fitted, there might be a plunger that you'll need to pull or push for the oil level to register, you can also use a cane or broom handle to dip in your tank.

How do I pay for my heating oil? 

Payment is required before delivery, which can be made over the phone using either a debit, credit card or bank transfer. We also offer a range of flexible, customer-focused heating oil payment plans to suit your needs and budget, making your home heating bills one less thing to worry about!   

How do I avoid running out of heating oil?

For only £7 per month, our Tank Smart service offers you complete peace of mind that you will never run out of heating oil. This system allows us to see exactly what is in your tank and fill on your behalf as required. Click here to find out more.

How will my heating oil be delivered, and do I need to be there? 

The vast majority of domestic heating oil deliveries are made by a standard 6-wheeler tanker. If you know your property is difficult to access with larger vehicles and you think a smaller tanker is required, you will need to let us know when placing your order. We can send you notification of your delivery the day before we intend to come, via email or text message, to help you plan for your delivery.

If the driver has safe access to your oil tank, you don’t need to be at the property when the delivery is made. All our deliveries are monitored by the tanker's meter and a printed reading will be left with you, showing you the precise amount dispensed.     

In the event, that you have run out of oil or moved into a new property with no oil, we will always do our best to deliver to you as quickly as possible. If you have any further questions please get in touch and our team will be happy to help.