WCF Ltd - Environmental Policy Statement

Updated: October 2018
Date of next review: November 2019

We are committed to undertaking our activities in a way that balances the needs of our customers against the wider requirement to minimise our impact on the environment. As a minimum, we operate in compliance with legislation and strive to utilise relevant best practice in all our operations. We recognise that by meeting our obligations to detect and mitigate those adverse effects that our operations may be having on the environment, we can not only reduce emissions, pollution, energy consumption and waste, but also provide our business with valuable commercial benefits.

The key points of our environmental strategy are:

  • Implement a rolling program of inspection and site audits using suitably qualified third parties where applicable;
  • Evaluate our operations to ensure that they are as efficient as possible;
  • Use the best available technology to route our vehicles and reward our drivers for safe and efficient driving;
  • Develop, test and maintain emergency and spill response procedures;
  • Educate and inform our colleagues about any environmental issues which may affect their work;
  • Encourage colleagues to adopt work-related practices which have positive environmental impacts, such as cycling to work;
  • Evaluate opportunities to switch to renewable sources of energy to power our buildings and fleet;
  • Re-use and recycle where possible;
  • Conserve energy and promote efficient use of resources;
  • Seek to eliminate single use plastic from our packaging wherever possible;
  • Avoid unnecessary use of hazardous materials; and
  • Exchange information to share methods of best practice

As a large entity, WCF complies with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme ("ESOS"). We record and analyse our energy usage and take the necessary steps to implement energy savings wherever possible.

Through the above we hope to demonstrate our environmentally responsible credentials and encourage our suppliers and customers to follow similar environmental best practice.

Jo L Ritzema
Managing Director

October 2018
Phil Murray
Deputy Managing Director
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