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Keromax, developed for WCF Chandlers to supply the best quality fuels to our customers.

The Benefits of Keromax

  • Improves system efficiency
  • Lowers carbon build up
  • Lowers fuel consumption & CO2 emissions
  • Reduces sludge build-up in tanks

Once your oil has been delivered, the Keromax will get to work on any sludge build up that is in your tank.  You will start to help the environment by reducing your CO2 emissions produced. 


Below is a frequently asked question section. However, if you have any further questions about Keromax please contact our sales team, who will be happy to assist you. Your tank and boiler will be happy you made the switch!

Chandlers Keromax Q & A’s

Q: How does Chandlers Keromax work?                     
A: Chandlers Keromax has special ingredients that help avoid fuel degradation, carbon deposits and other operating problems that routinely occur.

Q: Can I mix Chandlers Keromax with the kerosene in my tank?
A: Yes, they will be completely compatible. Depending upon how much regular kerosene is already in your tank and the quality of it, the full benefit may not be achieved until the second or even third fill.

Q: Will there be any adverse effects to the product in very cold or very hot temperatures?
A: No, Chandlers Keromax will not be affected by extremes of weather, in fact this fuel will remain fresher for longer in very hot temperatures.

Q: I have read that Chandlers Keromax works by avoiding deposits and operating problems that can occur, but does it also instantaneously burn better in an existing clean system or have higher energy content (e.g. calorific value?)
A: No.Chandlers Keromax has the same energy content as regular kerosene.  It works by avoiding fuel degradation, deposits and other operating problems that routinely occur with systems operating over several weeks due to the special additives.  Instantaneous ‘combustion-improvers’ often have side effects that can cause damage to your boiler. Chandlers Keromax does not contain them.

Q: Will any warranties on my boiler and equipment be affected?
A: No The product meets the same Fuel Standard (BS2869C2) as normal kerosene and therefore should not have any effect on any warranties.

Q: Will Chandlers Keromax be compatible with my boiler and do I need to consult my boiler engineer or boiler manufacturer first?
A: Chandlers Keromax meets the same BS 2869C2 specification and is therefore compatible with your boiler if you are currently using regular kerosene. You do not need to consult your boiler manufacturer or heating engineer before using Keromax.

Q: I have told my boiler engineer about Chandlers Keromax and he has some technical-type questions that I cannot answer. Is there anyone we can talk to who can answer his questions?
A: Yes. Please contact us and we can put you in touch with someone who will be able to answer these.

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Keromax - A premium heating oil designed to lower carbon build-up; stabilizes fuel; inhibits sludge formation; keeps fuel fresher for longer; reduces service problems and improves system efficiency, Lowering fuel consumption.
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