WCF Ltd - Quality Policy Statement

Updated: October 2018
Date of next review: November 2019

This Quality Policy Statement provides the framework to assist WCF Ltd with its commitment to provide our customers with products and services of a consistently high standard, greatest value and superior customer service, as well as satisfying applicable regulatory and legislative requirements. This commitment is reinforced by our Guiding Principle "We will sell products and services that we are proud of". We seek to exceed customer expectations and encourage them to form long term partnerships with us and strive to be their preferred supplier. We commit to review our quality systems, processes and procedures to achieve continuous improvement.

Customer Focus

  • Listening to what they tell us by seeking and valuing their feedback to continually monitor and improve their total experience;
  • Gaining their long-term loyalty and becoming their preferred supplier; and
  • Treating them according to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy policies


  • Keeping our promises and doing what we say we will, when we say we will;
  • Responding to any complaints in a timely, open and honest manner; and
  • Listening to and valuing what our customers have to say, even if we don't always agree

Supplier Focus

  • Developing long term relationships to encourage best practice, facilitate effective communication, drive efficiency and deliver premium levels of service; and
  • Undertaking only ethical supply chain relationships

Corporate Responsibility

  • Ensuring our products are accurately represented in any point of sale, catalogues, websites or marketing literature; and
  • Ensuring our activities and workplaces are safe for colleagues, contractors, visitors and the general public

Leadership and Engagement

  • Providing such information, resource, training and supervision to our colleagues to enable them to respond to unplanned issues or delays as quickly and as efficiently as possible; and
  • Encouraging an environment where colleagues are able to challenge the status quo to improve standards of quality, efficiency and productivity

Systems and Processes

  • Developing a robust and efficient order processing infrastructure;
  • Eliminating all non-relevant processes and procedures; and
  • Making use of available technology


  • Investing in our people, our assets and our facilities;
  • Consulting on and benchmarking ways in which our product, range or service offering could be improved;
  • Reviewing our systems, policies and procedures to achieve continuous improvement; and
  • Committing to best practice via our knowledge of competitor and industry practice

We ensure that we try to meet the requirements of all our safety, environmental, charitable, regulatory and legislative responsibilities. Some of our businesses have also achieved ISO9001 accreditation.

Jo L Ritzema
Managing Director

October 2018
Phil Murray
Deputy Managing Director
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