Automated Fuel Deliveries

Never Run Out of Heating Oil Again

Our award-winning home heating monitor, Tank Smart, accurately measures the amount of heating oil within your tank. The data can be sent to your mobile phone, tablet or laptop so you are able to check your supplies, day or night, wherever you are based. The tanks content data is shared with us on a weekly basis, allowing us to fill on your behalf as required.  So, you can enjoy hassle-free home heating and say goodbye to the worry of running out - it really is like being on a mains supply!  

We understand that our customers have different needs, that is why we offer two options with this service. 

heating oil monitor


For a small fee of £7* per month, you can rent a tank smart unit directly from us. This includes the cost of having your tank smart unit installed and monitored throughout the year. With this option, the tank smart unit remains the property of WCF Chandlers and will need to be returned should you wish to end your Tank Smart service. 

Minimum contract 18 months.

Outright Purchase

For only £180* you can choose to purchase your tank smart unit outright, and if you move properties it can be recalibrated and used at your new address. 

With this option, there is a small annual monitoring charge of £36*.

 *All prices are subject to VAT at 20%. 

tank smart

For more information on automated fuel deliveries, service please call us on 01476 576200

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