Kerosene (BS2869 Class C2)

Commonly referred to as Burning Oil, 28 Second Oil or C2 Kero, Kerosene is a flammable liquid fuel used in most Domestic and Commercial boilers. Kerosene is the first choice of fuel to be use in oil fired boilers as it has a freeze point of −40 °C and can be stored safely in a well maintained, suitable storage tank. It is important to make sure that the position and location of your oil tank meets building regulations so that the fuel is stored safely.

At WCF Chandlers, we can supply Kerosene oil for your heating requirements in volumes of 500 litres upwards. Like all fuels, the price of Kerosene can fluctuate often. This is due to many external factors, such as crude oil and refining costs, adverse weather conditions, supply and demand, and distribution costs, which are affected by the also fluctuating prices of petrol and diesel. Our team will always work hard to provide you with a competitive price for your fuel, and it’s worth noting that it is also better value to order in larger quantities. This is because we’re able to deliver to you in a more cost-effective manner, which means that you benefit from a lower price per litre.

We also supply Keromax which is an additive designed to improve your fuel efficiency. Keromax also lowers carbon build up, lowers fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions, as well as reducing sludge build up in oil tanks. To find out more about how Keromax can benefit your fuel system, please ask one of our team who will be happy to advise.

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For more information on the properties of Kerosene please click here for the Kerosene Datasheet.

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