Tanks and Monitoring


Good tank maintenance is essential to prevent potential problems such as leaks and spillages. It is the responsibility of the person who stores the oil or fuel to deal with any spillages appropriately, and this can be a costly occurrence which you will want to avoid. We recommend that you inspect your tank regularly for signs of wear and tear, or damage, and act quickly if you spot a potential problem. You should also look for signs of corrosion or bulging in the tank. Leaks and spillages aren't always noticeable straight away so this will help you identify and prevent bigger problems such as damage to the environment or your property.

It's recommended that you have your tank and boiler serviced on a regularly basis, by an OFTEC registered technician, and have adequate insurance cover in place should you have a leak or spillage.

Should you require a tank repair, service, or even a brand-new heating oil tank, we can put you in touch with a reliable, reputable company. Simply get in touch and we'll be happy to help. If you have any queries regarding oil leaks and spillages, the Environment Agency and OFTEC also have some useful advice.

Automated Deliveries

Why not let us take care of your commercial fuel and lubricant requirements so that you never run out of fuel? Using the  latest technology to monitor your fuel storage tanks, we arrange automated deliveries when you reach a certain fuel level. At WCF Chandlers we understand the importance of keeping your business moving and pride ourselves on providing you with a reliable fuel service. For more information on arranging automated deliveries, or to set up an account please contact our dedicated commercial team on 01476 584123 or email us at sales@wcfchandlers.co.uk.

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