Keromax, Our Premium Heating Oil for Boilers

Take better care of your oil-fired boiler with our premium, clean-burning heating oil, Keromax.  

Specially developed for WCF Chandlers, our premium fuel, Keromax allows us to supply you with the best quality fuel. By improving the efficiency and quality of your heating oil, WCF Chandlers’ Keromax helps avoid fuel degradation, carbon deposits and other operating problems that can routinely occur with oil-fired boilers.  When choosing to use a premium heating oil, you are lowering your fuel consumption, thus helping the environment by reducing your CO2 emissions. 

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What are the benefits of Keromax?

  • Improves the efficiency of your heating system
  • Lowers carbon build-up
  • Lowers fuel consumption
  • Reduces sludge build-up in tanks
  • Helps the environment by reducing the CO2 emissions produced

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Oil Range Cooker and AGA Fuel

In 2008 an EU Directive came into force to lower the sulphur levels in oil and thus produce a more environmentally friendly fuel. Due to the reduction of the sulphur levels, oil range cookers have seen an increase in carbon build-up. Chandlers Agamax has been exclusively developed for WCF Chandlers to supply the best quality fuel to our customers and contains special ingredients that help to prolong fuel shelf life and increase system efficiency.

Below we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions on Oil Range Cooker and Aga Fuel. If you have any further questions, please get in touch and our experienced team will be happy to help.

What are the Benefits of Chandlers Aga Max? 

  • Lowers carbon and deposit build-up, keeping the burner cleaner for longer
  • Stabilises the fuelInhibits sludge formation
  • Keeps the fuel 'fresher' for longer
  • Reduces service problems
  • Contains lower char value improves the system's efficiency

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We have listed below some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to ordering premium heating Oil

A. Yes, they will be completely compatible. Depending upon how much regular kerosene is already in your heating oil tank and the quality of it, the full benefit may not be achieved until the second or even third fill.
A. No, Chandlers Keromax will not be affected by extremes of weather, in fact this fuel will remain fresher for longer in very hot temperatures.

A. No. Chandlers Keromax has the same energy content as regular kerosene. It works by avoiding fuel degradation, deposits and other operating problems that routinely occur with systems operating over several weeks due to the special additives. Instantaneous 'combustion-improvers' often have side effects that can cause damage to your boiler. Chandlers Keromax does not contain them.

A. It is always best to check with your boiler manufacturer before using any additives.

A. As above, it's always best to double check with your boiler manufacturer before using any heating oil additives.

A. Yes - our experienced team are always happy to help. Please contact us and we can put you in touch with someone who will be able to answer these questions.

A. Yes, they will be completely compatible. The premium oil will start to benefit the system immediately but, depending on the residual fuel quantity and quality in the storage tank, the benefits may be reduced until the second or third delivery. On a recently maintained, clean system the positive impact will be readily noticed within 500 litres of Chandlers Aga Max use.

A. It is always best to double check with your boiler manufacturer before using any additives.

A. Yes, in fact this is preferable. The burner on an Aga is more sensitive to variations in fuel quality than is the pressure jet system on a boiler, so using the dedicated Aga Max will lead to fewer problems and similar benefits on both units.

A. Yes - whilst Aga is a brand, is it also as a generic term often used for range-style cookers. This would include the Rayburn, Stanley or Esse and Chandlers Aga Max will work equally well in any of these ranges.

A. We always recommend that you check with your boiler manufacturer before using any additives.

A. We cannot reasonably quantify this without knowing your service history and would always advocate routine boiler and range servicing. However, if you are seeing the need to have the boiler or range serviced more than twice per year, it would seem excessive and by using Chandlers Aga Max you should certainly see an increase in service intervals. It is always good practice to have any cooker or boiler serviced on a routine basis.

A. Chandlers Aga Max is no different to any other fuel product in its reactions to extremes of temperature. In the UK however, the range of temperatures is such that few fuel problems will be experienced and using Chandlers Aga Max will certainly help to reduce the accelerated ageing that can be associated with prolonged high temperatures.

A. Chandlers Aga Max does not have a higher energy content than standard domestic kerosene. It will help to keep an already clean system clean and prevent carbon build-up as a result (within the limits of design of the burner). It will also ensure that fuel combustion is as complete as possible further reducing smoke and solids build-up.

A. Topanol is a diluted fuel antioxidant and contains generic active ingredients that inhibit a fuel's ageing process. It is also toxic. Dipetane is a solvent with a high treatment rate and is thought to impact only the gaseous emissions of the fuel not its stability or coking tendencies. Chandlers Aga Max contains additives that have been screened and tested over a long period of time, specifically for use in a vaporizing burner. These additives are present in Chandlers Aga Max in concentrated quantities making the Aga Max much more cost effective.

A. There is no reason why the products should not be mixed but the combination will not provide any enhanced fuel performance therefore there is no reason to add all these.

A. Yes - please refer any technical enquiries to Charles Southan, or Neil Ryding at FAST. They can be contacted on 01743 761415 or by emailing either or

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