DERV, which stands for Diesel Engine Road Vehicle is also commonly known as Road Diesel, White Diesel or U.L.S.D (Ulra Low Sulphur Diesel). This fuel product is for vehicles that are used on the public highways and carries a VAT rate of 20%.

DERV has similar properties to other diesel fuels, such as Gas Oil, so it is important to understand the rules and difference in tax rate when comparing your choice of oil. For example, Red Diesel (also known as Gas Oil) is a rebated fuel which comes with a much lower tax rate of 5% for volumes below 2300 litres. Above this volume the tax rate is higher at 20%. Please note it is illegal to use Red Diesel / Gas Oil in road vehicles.

Our road diesel fuels are compliant and manufactured to the British standard EN590. More information on the product specification can be found here - DERV Datasheet.

By meeting the BS EN590 specification, our DERV contains the necessary seasonal requirements for summer & winter grades, with winter grade fuel available from mid-November to mid-March. We can supply your fuel in a minimum of 500 litres, and with depots placed across the region, we are able to provide you with a quick, reliable service.

We offer competitive prices and pride ourselves on delivering high levels of service. At WCF Chandlers we have experience distributing a multitude of fuel types and industrial lubricants, so whatever your commercial requirements we will work with you to provide a reliable service to meet your requirements. For prices and enquiries please call our dedicated commercial team on 01476 584123 email us at

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