Home Heating Oil

Heating oil is a common term used for kerosene; a domestic fuel oil that is an efficient and cost-effective way of heating homes, providing hot water and fuelling oil range cooker. 

It's also often referred to as 28 second oil. The use of heating oil is very common in rural areas and particularly across the East Midlands region where there is a high percentage of homes off the main gas grid.

Heating oil is charged by pence per litre, and the minimum delivery quantity is 500 litres. Prices fluctuate often for heating oil, due to many external factors, however we will always try to provide you with a competitive price for your fuel. By ordering a larger quantity or opting for the economy delivery service you can usually get a lower rate for your fuel. This is because we're able to plan deliveries in a more cost-effective manner, grouping together orders by area. By saving on transportation costs we're able to pass the savings on to you by way of a lower price per litre.

Heating oil is delivered directly to your home and dispensed into your tank. Unless you are signed up to our Automated Delivery service, you need to place an order before you run out. We recommend checking your tank level on a regular basis. It's worth bearing in mind that during peak periods such as Winter, fuel suppliers become extremely busy so it's always best to plan ahead and order your heating oil within plenty of time.

We also offer a premium heating oil product for boilers and agas which is designed to make your oil burn more cleanly and efficiently. Should you have any questions regarding placing an order, or which product you should use, please get in touch on 01476 576200 and our friendly team will be happy to help advise you.

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