Stay Warm with WCF Chandlers Home Heating Oil

Keep your home running all year with our domestic home heating oil and premium additives.

WCF Chandlers have been supplying homes and businesses across Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, East and South Yorkshire and East Anglia with burning oil since 1935. From local depots, our team of friendly, highly trained drivers ensure your heating oil is delivered directly to your home safely and efficiently.

 Heating oil is a common term used for kerosene; a domestic fuel oil that is an efficient and cost-effective way of heating homes, providing hot water, and fuelling oil range cookers.  It's also often referred to as 28-second oil.  

The use of heating oil is very common in rural areas and particularly across the East Midlands and East Anglia regions where there is a high percentage of homes off the main gas grid. 

Heating Oil Prices

Domestic heating oil is a trading commodity and prices can fluctuate daily due to many external factors. To achieve a cheaper price for your heating oil we recommend ordering a larger quantity or opting for the economy delivery service.

By choosing a longer delivery window we can plan heating oil deliveries in a cost-effective manner, grouping orders together by area and reducing heavy-goods traffic in local towns and villages. By saving on transportation costs we can pass the savings on to you by way of a lower price per litre. 

If you are looking to take the hassle out of ordering your heating oil and want the assurance that you will never run out, read more about our Automated Delivery service.

Choosing a trustworthy heating oil supplier

As a member of the UK & Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) At WCF Chandlers, we pride ourselves on following the UKIFDA Code of Practice and strive to provide outstanding service at all times to our customers.

Our drivers will carry out a visual tank check before each delivery and should they notice any issues with your fuel tank, our customer services team will contact you to assist in resolving the issue.

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