Agricultural Lubricants for Your Farm

Discover how using the right lubricant can maximise equipment efficiency, prolong vehicle life and reduce downtime.

The success of your agricultural operations rests on your ability to keep your machinery running, not only in the peak seasons when sowing or harvesting your crops, but during downtime too. Farm equipment needs to be protected when it is not in use for extended periods of time, left unprotected during the cold, wet, and winter months, metal surfaces can become corroded. By choosing the right lubricant you can help to increase uptime, minimise downtime, and extend equipment life. 

Our team have put this simple guide together that covers our most popular agricultural lubricants AGRI-GUARD SUTO 10W-30 & 10W4

Both AGRI-GUARD SUTO 10W-30 & 10W40 are synthetic blend oil that has been engineered using the highest quality base stocks and market-leading additive technology to create a high-performance, multi-functional lubricant that is suitable for most farm equipment applications. 

Recommended for use in a wide range of simple duty applications and extreme operating environments found in the farming industry they provide excellent performance in turbocharged and normally aspirated diesel engines as well as gasoline engines, transmissions, hydraulics, final drives and oil-immersed brakes operating in agricultural service.

When choosing AGRI-GUARD SUTO 10W-30 or 10W40, your tractor will benefit from

  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability for reduced sludge and high-temperature deposit build-up
  • High TBN reserve improves deposit control
  • Good rust and corrosion protection for reduced wear and long equipment life especially in hydraulic components
  • Effective detergency / dispersancy leads to cleaner engines and long engine life
  • High-temperature viscosity retention and volatility control reduce engine scuffing, bore polishing, and oil consumption
  •  Market-leading frictional and load-carrying properties help to increase power, improve power train performance, and eliminate chatter in wet brakes
  • Excellent low-temperature pumpability and performance for easier engine start-up reduced wear in the critical valve train and good hydraulic response
  •  Component compatibility provides a longer gasket and seals life 
  • The multi-purpose product reduces inventory and the chance for misapplication 

WCF Chandlers offers a full portfolio of lubricants including industrial and automotive lubricants, oils and greases.

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