How to get the best price for domestic home heating oil near you. 

Get the most warmth for your money

domestic heating oil

Living in a rural town or village means you are likely part of the 15% of UK homes using an alternative fuel such as Kerosene to fuel your boiler. 

UK homes depend heavily on central heating systems to keep chilly weather and cold nights at bay. Gas has traditionally been the cheapest fuel, closely followed by heating oil and then LPG. However, with gas bills set to double over the next 12 months, heating oil could become the cheapest way to run your central heating system.

Heating bills are inevitable, so getting the best price for your heating oil is essential.

Time your heating oil purchase  

The average domestic heating oil tank can hold between 1000 and 2000 litres of home heating oil. 

The more oil you buy the better the price, so think about buying ahead for the year and filling your tank, pairing up with a neighbour or joining our buying group.

Supply and demand dramatically influence the price of home heating oil, so summer is a good time to buy as lower demand helps to drive prices down.               

Choose a local heating oil supplier 

When looking for the best price for heating oil it is worth checking with local suppliers in your area, as fuel coming from a local depot will have fewer miles to travel, thus keeping the price for transport lower,  a saving that can be passed on to you as a lower pence per litre. 

What are the benefits of ordering direct?

WCF Chandlers have local depots in several locations, allowing us to service the sounding areas with fast and efficient heating oil deliveries.  

  • Grantham
  • Spalding
  • Retford
  • Corby
  • Norfolk
  • Killingholme 
  • Pocklington       

Look for a trustworthy supplier like WCF Chandlers which is a member of the UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIDFA) – the main trade association for the oil distribution industry. All members must follow a code of practice that clearly explains payment options and charges. 

We are also members of Utilities ADR, an independent alternative dispute resolution scheme.               

Upgrade to a premium heating oil. 

Premium kerosene, also known as Keromax contains additives that make it last longer by improving the efficiency of your heating oil.

Heating oil delivery windows 

We offer a range of pricing options for your heating oil, knowing the amount of heating oil in your tank can help you plan and make a saving by using a more economically delivery service.

Be mindful that comparison websites and brokers do not deliver you heating oil and they may charge you a fee for doing the legwork of placing an order on your behalf with a fuel supplier.

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