Exocet Gas Oil Conditioner: Enhancing Diesel Engines

Discover how using Gas Oil Conditioner can help increase day-to-day performance of your diesel engines

WCF Chandlers have been supplying commercial fuel, Lubricants, and additives to businesses across Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northants, Yorkshire, Rutland, and Norfolk for over 80 years. Many of our customers benefit from using one of our most popular fuel additives Gas Oil Conditioner.

Read our blog to discover how using Gas Oil Condition can enhance the performance of your agricultural machinery and equipment.

What is Gas Oil Condition?

Exocet® Gas Oil Conditioner is an all-in-one treatment for Gas Oil (Red Diesel) which improves the vehicle's day-to-day running, increases the cetane number, extends fuel shelf life, prevents microbiological growth in the tank, and promotes a clean fuel system.   

What are the key benefits?

  • Increase in cetane number - this helps to reduce ignition delay in diesel engines which helps to improve the overall combustion efficiency which helps to lower emissions. 
  • Prevents fuel filter blocking. 
  • Inhibits the dropout and agglomeration of biodiesel precipitates. 
  • Increase fuel shelf life and inhibit fuel tank sludge formation – this additive inhibits the oxidation tendency and allows for safe, long-term storage. 
  • Prevent microbiological growth – regular use of this additive provides a maintenance dose of fuel biocide to help keep ‘diesel bugs’ away. 
  • Promote a clean fuel system and inhibit injector fouling – this allows optimum fuel flow, combustion, and emissions quality. 
  • Promote fuel-water separation to prevent water carryover to the engine.

Exocet Gas Oil Conditioner
Tractor Gas Oil

When is the best time to use this?

We recommend to us this ‘all in one’ fuel enhancer when continuous protection is required against the problems associated with biodiesel precipitates. Each 1 litre bottle treats up to 2,000 litres of fuel and the additive can be added to bulk storage or directly into the vehicle or equipment tank. 

At WCF Chandlers we can supply Gas Oil Conditioner from 50ml to 200L which treats 100 litres of fuel to 400,000 litres – fair to say we have got you covered. 

To find out more about our Exocet Additives please click here. Alternatively you can contact one of our friendly sales team on 01476 584123 or sales@wcfchandlers.co.uk.