How can I pay for my Home Heating Oil?

Heating Oil Payments Made Easier: Budget, Save and Stay Warm

At WCF Chandlers we understand when it comes to paying for your home heating oil, a little more thought might be required in comparison to other types of fuel. We understand that unexpected bills through the winter months may cause concern and can be far from ideal.

Understanding the payment plan options from your local heating oil supplier, WCF Chandlers, may help alleviate those worries. Whilst some of our customers choose to pay for their home heating oil in full at point of order, many opt for one of our flexible monthly payment plans, instead choosing to spread their energy bill over 12 months making affording their future heating oil a little easier.

Home Heating Oil Payment Plan

What payment plans do WCF Chandlers Offer?

At WCF Chandlers we offer two, customer focused, and flexible payment plans to help you pay for your home heating oil.

Savers Plan – With our Savers Plan, our aim is to make home heating oil payments hassle-free for you. Every month we collect a nominated amount via direct debit and credit it to your account. When it is time to top up your heating oil tank, you can use your savings towards the balance of your order. In case you do not have enough funds saved when ordering, we ask that you pay the balance over the phone.

To help you keep track of your balance we will send out a quarterly account statement via email.

Budget Plan – Our Budget Plan is an affordable, interest-free plan, that allows you to spread the cost of your home heating bills over 12 monthly payments. Our dedicated team will carefully review your pervious year’s consumption of heating oil and set an agreed monthly payment. Once you have paid your first two direct debit payments you are free to order as and when you require home heating oil. Personal budget reviews are conducted in June / July of each year. These are done to ensure that the amount you are paying is still correct. To help you keep track of your balance we will send out a quarterly account statement via email.

Please note, that budget plans are subject to credit checks.

Does a payment plan affect the overall cost of my heating oil?

No, having one of our customer focused payment plans does not affect the price of your home heating oil. We will always do our upmost to ensure we are giving you the best price possible at point of order. 

Can I use my payment plan alongside a TankSmart?

If you have one of our award-winning home heating monitors, Tank Smart, then you are able to use a Budget Plan alongside this. For more information on getting a TankSmart please click here

To find out more or apply for a payment plan, please click here. Alternatively you can contact one of our friendly sales team on 01476 576200 or

Tanksmart payment plan