Lubricants for Commercial and Farming Applications

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There is a wide range of lubricants that have been specifically formulated to meet the needs of today’s tractors. Breakdowns can be a real pain, especially during the peak seasons, so how do you avoid downtime? 

Preventive maintenance and using the correct lubrication for your agricultural equipment will help to optimise the reliability and performance of your machinery, ensuring your farm continues to run all year smoothly and most importantly, during the busiest periods. 

It’s very important that you use the correct grade of lubricant to protect your machinery. Most people believe all oils are the same and only do one job, so it doesn’t matter which one they choose! Things start to go wrong, resulting in unnecessary breakdowns and costly repairs. 

It’s vital that you use the correct grade of lubricant for your machinery. We are regularly asked for a 10w/30 or a 15w 40 engine oil, believing that is the specification required for their tractor. This is incorrect. All these figures relate to the viscosity, or to simplify, the “thickness” of the oil when cold or hot. 

There are countless types of oils and lubricants to choose from. This can make selecting the correct type for your machinery a daunting task. Due to a large number of products on offer, we would always recommend talking with one of our expert staff and quoting the ACEA or API specifications that are required for your specialist machinery or equipment. Never guess - using the wrong agricultural oils and lubricants will have disastrous results for your machinery.

At WCF Chandlers we provide a full range of lubricants, greases, and associated products. Our team of experienced account managers are always available over the phone or via email to provide expert advice and technical support when you need it most.     

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