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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can you deliver?
A: Estimated delivery time to your postcode is two to three WORKING DAYS. Please note this does not include Sat/Sun or bank holidays. However, in the winter, when demand can be high, this may vary. In the event that you do run out of oil we will do our best to deliver to you as soon as possible.

Q: I live on a very narrow lane, do you have smaller lorries?
A: Yes, we have an extensive range of tankers to suit you. We have the equipment to fulfil your needs. Please advise us at the point of order of any special requirements.

Q: Can you make unattended deliveries?
A: Yes, as long as we can access your oil tank easily.

Q: How do I know how much oil was delivered?
A: All our deliveries are monitored by the tanker’s meter and you will receive a printed reading showing you the precise amount dispensed, this will be left at the time of delivery.

Q: What is the minimum delivery?
A: The minimum delivery is 500 litres. However, the larger the delivery, the more money you save.

Q: How long is the hose on your tanker?
A: Our tankers have hoses from 100ft to 150ft. Therefore, we can deliver your oil quickly and efficiently even if your tank is hard to reach.

Q: How can I tell how much my tank holds?
A: To calculate how much your tank holds you need to measure the length, width and height of your metal tank in feet and then multiply these 3 figures together. Then take the total and multiply by 6.25 to give the cubic capacity in gallons. To convert this figure to litres, multiply by 4.54.

For example,
length 4ft x width 5 ft x height 4 ft, multiplied together = 80.
Multiply by 6.25 = 500 gallons.
To convert to litres, multiply 500 gallons x 4.54 = 2270 litre capacity tank.

If you have a plastic tank the capacity is embossed on most tanks near the lid.

Q: What payment terms do you offer?
A: We offer flexible payment terms either by Visa/MasterCard debit cards or direct debit.

Q: Are your prices competitive?
A: Yes, in today’s ever competitive industry, our prices are checked daily and we always do our best to offer you extremely competitive prices.

Q: What is the standard of your oil?
A: All our products are refined to the highest British Standards, offering the best possible performance and economy - the British Standard specification for sulphur content in domestic heating oil is 0.05%. All refineries work to this specification, but in practice the sulphur content is often as little as 0.01%.

Q: Where can I get advice on running my home heating system more efficiently?
A: The Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) is responsible for looking after the oil heating and the cooking industry in the UK and Ireland. Visit their website at www.oftec.org for a wide range of information, including tips on how to increase the efficiency of your home heating system.

Q: How does a WCF Chandlers Buying Group work?

A: For a full explanation please click here.

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