Gas Oil (BS EN590)


The latest off-road vehicles have been developed to run on (BS EN590) Gas Oil. Standard gas oil has a lower cetane level of 46 along with a lower lubricity specification compared to a cetane level of 51 for Gas oil EN590. The latest vehicle technology appears to have been "squeezed" to meet lower emission limits. This puts stress on fuel quality and some customers have reported that the latest engines can run rough on Gas Oil (BS2869). Also, commonly referred to as Red Diesel, Gas Oil (BS EN590) has been developed at a higher specification. Although Gas Oil EN590 is a higher speciation and can be used in all types of off-road vehicles. Our EN590 Gas oil is manufactured at the refinery and is guaranteed to meet specifications.

Important Specification Changes to Gas Oil

On 1 January 2011, the sulphur levels for Gas Oil were further reduced. As a result, the new specification Gas Oil contains up to a maximum of 7% Bio Diesel. For most users, this will have no effect at all. However, users storing Gas Oil over long periods (for example, standby generator tanks) may find that bacterial growth may occur in the tanks over time.The following additives are also available for Gas Oil:

  • Anti-Bug
  • Anti-Wax
  • Gas Oil Conditioner

Gas Oil Conditioner provides an all-in-one treatment for gas oil. It will improve day to day running of diesel engines and will stabilise fuel during storage. Fuel will keep fresh for up to 2 years even when it contains up to 7% biodiesel. Typical applications for Gas Oil Conditioner include agricultural and horticultural machinery, construction equipment, standby generators, airport vehicles and fork-lift trucks.

Key Benefits Include: 

  • An increase in the fuel's cetane number
  • It promotes and maintains a clean fuel delivery system
  • An increase in the fuel's shelf life
  • An increase in the fuel's lubricity
  • An increase in the fuel's resistance to microbial contamination
  • An increase in the fuel's resistance to water pick-up

Gas Oil Datasheet

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