Winter Grade Fuel

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Winter Grade fuel, is diesel fuel, which has been enhanced to prevent it from gelling or waxing in the colder weather. In colder weather, diesel fuel can develop solid wax particles, which thicken the oil and can cause blockages in the fuel filters and injectors. This can cause possible failures and operative problems with both vehicles and equipment. To prevent this from happening, Winter Grade fuel contains additives which change the low temperature characteristics of the oil.

Distribution of Winter Grade fuel in the UK typically begins in November and ends in March. When ordering your winter grade fuel, it is important that you check there is no summer grade fuel still in your storage tank. As the summer quality fuel at the bottom of the tank will have poorer cold properties than the pure winter grade product, it is recommended that the entire volume of the tank meets winter specification before the start of any cold weather. By planning and keeping a note of how quickly you use your fuel, this will help you to prevent being left with summer quality fuel at the end of the season.

In the event, that you have summer grade fuel still in the tank, please let us know at the point of ordering as we are able to supply additives to improve the winter protection. Please note that these, only work if added while the fuel temperature is 13 degrees or above. If you don't think you will go need more than one top up during the year, it is better to order your fuel in winter as the winter grade can be used throughout the year. To help protect your fuel and equipment, it's also worth looking at insulating your tank, pipes and pump and where possible sheltering equipment from cold wind.

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